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Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Italy. Fresh snow is forecast at 2resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.




Ski resorts in Italy from S to U

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雪の深さ 頂上と麓
Good piste
Fresh snow depth
Fresh snow depth
次 ;9 ;日間
0–3 | 3–6 | 6–9
雪 (cm)
Weather 次5 ;日間天気予報
凍結高度 (m)
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(1560m — 2450m)

中腹の観測所 2005 m
3200m 3850m 4100m 4200m 4200m

(1175m — 1600m)

中腹の観測所 1388 m
2950m 3450m 3950m 4100m 4150m

(1728m — 2778m)

San Cassiano (Alta Badia) webcam
中腹の観測所 2253 m
3000m 3550m 4000m 4150m 4150m

(1420m — 2499m)

中腹の観測所 1960 m
3250m 3850m 4100m 4150m 4150m

(1450m — 2380m)

中腹の観測所 1915 m
3150m 3750m 4100m 4150m 4150m

(1350m — 2823m)

中腹の観測所 2086 m
3600m 4200m 4300m 4300m 4250m

(1551m — 2100m)

中腹の観測所 1826 m
3350m 3850m 4150m 4150m 4150m

(1200m — 2275m)

中腹の観測所 1738 m
2900m 3450m 3950m 4100m 4150m

(1000m — 1536m)

中腹の観測所 1268 m
3000m 3550m 4000m 4150m 4150m

(1722m — 2887m)

中腹の観測所 2304 m
3100m 3750m 4100m 4100m 4100m

(1060m — 2518m)

Santa Cristina webcam
中腹の観測所 1789 m
3000m 3600m 4000m 4150m 4150m

(1500m — 2600m)

中腹の観測所 2050 m
3050m 3650m 4050m 4100m 4100m

(908m — 1000m)

中腹の観測所 954 m
2950m 3500m 3950m 4150m 4150m

(1000m — 2000m)

中腹の観測所 1500 m
2950m 3500m 3950m 4150m 4150m

(1570m — 2460m)

中腹の観測所 2015 m
2950m 3550m 3950m 4100m 4100m

(1280m — 1450m)

中腹の観測所 1365 m
3250m 3850m 4350m 4450m 4350m

(1500m — 1679m)

中腹の観測所 1590 m
3250m 3850m 4350m 4400m 4350m

(1350m — 2823m)

Sauze d'Oulx (Via Lattea) webcam
中腹の観測所 2086 m
3600m 4200m 4350m 4300m 4250m

(1200m — 1500m)

中腹の観測所 1350 m
3350m 3900m 4400m 4450m 4350m

(1135m — 1300m)

中腹の観測所 1218 m
3250m 3800m 4150m 4200m 4200m

(659m — 1700m)

中腹の観測所 1180 m
3450m 4000m 4200m 4150m 4200m

(1131m — 1863m)

中腹の観測所 1497 m
3000m 3500m 4000m 4200m 4200m

(1400m — 2100m)

中腹の観測所 1750 m
3050m 3600m 4050m 4150m 4150m

(1350m — 2823m)

Sestrière (Via Lattea) webcam
中腹の観測所 2086 m
3650m 4200m 4350m 4300m 4250m

(1310m — 2200m)

Sexten webcam
中腹の観測所 1755 m
2950m 3450m 3950m 4150m 4150m

(1370m — 2340m)

Ski Area Alpe Lusia webcam
中腹の観測所 1855 m
3150m 3750m 4100m 4150m 4150m

(1050m — 2400m)

Ski Center Latemar webcam
中腹の観測所 1725 m
3100m 3700m 4100m 4150m 4150m

(950m — 2400m)

Speikboden webcam
中腹の観測所 1675 m
2850m 3400m 3900m 4100m 4150m

(1400m — 1800m)

中腹の観測所 1600 m
3400m 3900m 4500m 4500m 4500m

(1900m — 3250m)

Sulden webcam
中腹の観測所 2575 m
3050m 3700m 4100m 4100m 4100m

(750m — 1780m)

Tarvisio webcam
中腹の観測所 1265 m
2950m 3450m 3950m 4200m 4200m

(1700m — 2500m)

中腹の観測所 2100 m
3250m 3800m 4100m 4150m 4150m

(1035m — 1905m)

中腹の観測所 1470 m
3200m 3800m 4100m 4100m 4100m

(1482m — 2100m)

opens in 143 days
中腹の観測所 1791 m
3400m 3850m 4450m 4450m 4400m

(1760m — 2415m)

Tesero Pampeago webcam
中腹の観測所 2088 m
3100m 3750m 4100m 4150m 4150m

(1500m — 2320m)

Torgnon webcam
中腹の観測所 1910 m
3300m 3900m 4100m 4200m 4200m

(1560m — 2550m)

中腹の観測所 2055 m
3000m 3700m 4100m 4100m 4100m

(1620m — 2230m)

中腹の観測所 1925 m
3650m 4100m 4300m 4250m 4250m

(1400m — 1990m)

中腹の観測所 1695 m
3300m 3850m 4400m 4400m 4400m

(1350m — 1974m)

中腹の観測所 1662 m
3300m 3850m 4400m 4400m 4350m