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  • April 26, 2017
    yoshi from Japan

    I have been using the snow-forecast for these couple of years and appreciate very useful and helpful forecast information for my ski planning, however I am afraid something wrong in the calculation for Japanese skiing area for these several weeks.
    The forecast and the actual weather is completely different, that I have never experienced in the past forecast on snow-forecast.
    Snow season in Japan will end soon, I hope it is fixed by the next season! Thanks.

    [note from the editor: thank you for expressing your concern regarding our forecasts for areas in Japan. Your comments have been noted.}

  • March 31, 2017
    Stefan Sigwarth from Austria

    Hi there,
    I am quite happy with your forecasts even though sometimes they do overestimate precipitation as written below for Zermatt e.g. by another user. But regarding the different weather models and the tricky situation at the alpine main ridge (like Zermatt, Saas Fee) in southernly winds, I understand it's almost impossible to find the perfect solution. One more thing: Stuhleck (Austria) has its lowest point at 782 m and not at 1469 m as is said here (see
    Keep on rockin', best regards from Vienna - Stefan

    [note from the editor: thank you for sending us your feedback; heights for Stuhleck have now been updated.]

  • March 04, 2017
    James Barber from Canada

    I live at Mt Baldy, BC and have used your site for snow for years and spread your "gospel" for years! You have always been the most accurate snow site for Mt Baldy B.C. until this December? What has happened? You have been waaaay off since late December!! Please get it back!
    Ski-Ya & Happy Trails
    James Barber

    [note from the editor: it is always disappointing when users are unhappy with our service. I will pass your feedback on to the team.]

  • February 10, 2017
    Snowbear from Canada

    Once again, we are here with family, and the snow is awesome There is now a larger tube park (fun for all) and a carpet ride for the bunny hill; no holding on just walk on. The snow is awesome. Even off the yellow chair you could find knee deep powder. A great family mountain with something for everyone. Staff are great. Little change but anticipating big things soon.

    [note from the editor: please do submit your resort review to the relevant page; link found in the menu for each resort.]

  • February 06, 2017
    Benjamin Geisler from Germany

    I just wanted to say briefly that the weather model you are using continuously (and heavily!) overestimates the expected snowfall for Zermatt in the Alps! Sometimes grotesque.
    Otherwise, I'm very satisfied with your service!
    Best regards,

    [note from the editor: thank you for sending us your feedback. We shall do our best to investigate the discrepancy.]

  • February 04, 2017
    Arild Pedersen from Norway

    Thank you for a very useful site that I've been using a lot the past three years.
    I would like to report what must be a false snow depth indication for Swizerland, Veysonnaz. It says 140cm (top). Yesterday I went all over the area (over to Verbier and back) and wonder where they found 140cm snow depth. It was more like 40cm with lots of rocks "everywhere".
    Should be verified :-)

    [note from the editor: thank you for sending us your feedback regarding a snow depth report at Veysonnaz. We are currently trying to improve this service; open to users of the site. However, the following page reports 140cm at the top of part of the area.]

  • January 27, 2017
    Doru Ciolan from Romania

    I would like to report a 'bug' regarding the positioning of 'Balea Lake' on the map. I believe this is the cause for wrong forecasts for this resort.
    The correct coordinates: 45.602153, 24.614610

    [note from the editor: thank you for sending us these coordinates. A month of membership has been added to your account.]

  • January 22, 2017
    Tony Archibald from Australia

    Have been very disappointed with your forecasting. 9 day forecasts are always wildly optimistic and invariably wrong. Given that these are what I am paying for you guys really need to tighten up your modelling.
    I will not be renewing, and will not be recommending your site.

    [note from the editor: it is always disappointing to hear about users having a poor experience. We aim to provide the best forecasting service possible and always take note of feedback. ]

  • January 17, 2017
    Marian S from Romania

    Hello guys
    I would like to thank you for the site, is my go to 1st source of info and estimation for my snowboard-trips :)
    In the past 2 years I have started to use it also as a go to source for my local forecast. I can zoom on Romania and I know where Bucharest is and i can make a very good impression for precipitations, temperature, wind, clouds. It's graphical, with a 6 hour interval and at least for short term works great.
    What I think you can improve is:
    - design
    - accessibility (the app is not that great, it needs to be fast and better designed)
    Of course the forecast is more important than the design as what people look is reliability but I guess a nicely designed site/app will make me forgot the other variants (accuweather, weather underground,, etc)
    Keep it up!

    [from a member of the team: thank you for your feedback, we have taken note of your suggestions.]

  • December 10, 2016
    Bryson Rast from United States

    Way to rip off an established website's name and purpose.
    Too bad your site sucks and has always been the best.

    [from one of the team: please do explain the reason(s) why you feel so unhappy with our service at Some text has been edited.]

    [from site co-founder: Dear Bryson, thanks for your comment, but we are not a rip-off site. first appeared on the internet in 1999, and prior to that evolved from an academic IP address at Cardiff University. The other site you refer to seems to have appeared later according to NR]

  • November 23, 2016
    andrew pugh from Canada

    I like the snow forecast at but I need info on the snow depth/condition in relation to the different chair lifts/gondolas. eg. I can find no reference to where the Emerald Express lower end is or the upper Creekside gondola entrance so I am unsure if skiing to these points is possible. This sort of info would be nice in addition to the freezing level that you already provide.
    Note from the team: we value your feedback but this level of detailed information should be sought from the resort itself.

  • February 12, 2016
    Arnaud from France

    Paid a 1 month pass and was never able to access my account.
    Sent several email to the helpdesk, to recover a new password, etc. without any reply.

    Just wasted my money.

    Clearly I feel I have been mugged !
    I am definitely not happy nor would recommend the paid services.

    [note from the editor: I have responded to your message; sent to the Help Desk today.]

  • February 09, 2016
    Соколов Игорь from Russia

    Когда уже добавить российский курорт Архыз?
    Находится в больших горах, функционирует 2-й сезон, сервис европейского уровня.

    [Note from the editor: this area was added to the database a couple of days ago. ]

  • August 22, 2015
    DANIEL from Spain

    I was looking how the weather was in Javalambre from the android app when I noticed that it was showing the Argentina flag instead of the Spanish one.
    I also would like to thank you for your weather predictions and help. Thanks.

    [note from the editor: thank you for telling us about this inaccuracy; another member of the team will correct the error asap.]

  • May 08, 2015
    Sharon from Jersey

    I am after some information about what to expect in St Gervais, over the Christmas period. Will the lifts, shops, restaurants etc be open and is there usually sufficient snow?
    [note from the editor: the local visitor information service should be able to help you along with our archive of snow fall data (members only).]

  • April 15, 2015
    snow board from Spain

    I'd like to ask for a name, that has been written in montain-forecast section.
    It calls Basque mountains to Castro Valnera. This is a big mistaque. Castro Valnera is situated beetwen Cantabria and Burgos, so is Cantabria or Burgos how is in the map beside.
    Thank you for you website. I'm a snow-forecast fanatic.

    [from the editor: thank you for noting an error at We shall endeavour to correct these details.]

  • December 21, 2014
    DariaDori from Italy

    anch io posso assolutamente consigliare come val pusteria Hotel :)

  • November 03, 2014
    Mariana-Bettina from Gabon

    One of the most beautiful places for <a href="">Skiing</a> in the world! Love to go there :) BR Mariana

  • October 20, 2014
    Aurora from Austria

    Hi I´m going to spend my winter holidays in Austria at the <a href="" title="Tuxer Glacier">Tuxer Glacier</a> this year. The lifts are already open. So I would recommend this place for you guys, if you want a warranty for snow.

  • September 11, 2014
    nikos from greece from Chile

    I am in chile for 5 days and i decide to go in pucon ski resort because you are writing that there is a lot of snow
    [about 2 meters].This mountain is completely desapointing for me because it is all flat except one place wich the lift is closed[and when i ask why they told me that is always closed..].I am writing this down so nobody makes the same mistake.It is the worst mountain i've ever been..

  • April 13, 2014
    Hashagen Bernd from Chile

    Hi, I wanted to make a short comment about the Info you offer on your page.....
    I live in Stgo. Chile and I am a Paraglider pilot, flying often in the area of La Parva and Farellones Ski Centers.
    The information about temperatures you offer is simply wrong and you would be surprised in how much wrong you are. Maybe this is interesting for you. In this case I may be able to make some more commentary. Just send me a mail.

    [note from the editor : thank you for getting in touch with us. Your comments will be passed on to the team.]

  • March 17, 2014
    PB from France

    Morzine, France - 17 Mar 2014. Temperature hit 18 degrees at 1
    14:20h, a friend said he saw 20 around 14:00! Come on guys 7 and 20 have nothing in common. If I knew it would be 20 degrees I wouldn't have come.

    [note from the editor: I wonder if the temperatures, you are referring to, are recorded on thermometers that are sitting in areas where radiated heat can create a distortion e.g the deck of a mountain cafe.]

  • January 23, 2014
    che from Italy

    Madessimo, Italy, has been showing all lifts open. This is not true. Half the mountain has been closed due to snow; still they are misleading people into coming here even though tthe weather is fine. They have not opened the best part of the mountain and hence, the reason for travelling here (I expect they will open when the weekend crow arrives). Fair enough, they have had a lot of snow but they shouldn't lie about how much of the mountain is open.

  • January 14, 2014
    Chiller from United States

    Nothing but love for Rusutsu, endless pow, less Haole's on this mountain! Hotel stay is comfy and easy to access day and night skiing. Breakfast is awesome here, offers a bit of everything, fresh and tasty! Hotel staff are very kind and helpful to all your needs. I heard the next town Niseko is better for everything so please drive on hahaha!

  • December 25, 2013
    Gabriella from Israel

    On "Ski Israel" the area of Mount Hermon is described as having been taken "illegally" by Israel. Your readers may not know that in June 1967 Israel was attacked by Syria (and other neighbouring Arab states) in an attempt to destroy it. Israel fought back, pushing the attacking forces beyond the Green Line borders, to strategically safe positions. Since then, Israel has returned Sinai to Egypt, and Gaza was handed over to Palestinian control. Syria has shown no intention of negotiating, so the status quo has persisted. In light of the events within Syria during the past three years, you may wonder whether Israel will ever have a partner for peace with such a regime as Syria's. Thus, Israel continues to occupy the Golan Heights, providing security for Israel, and prosperity to its mainly Druze inhabitants. Oh, and some fun for locals on the snow. It is quite a remarkable site considering the southerly latitude.

  • October 09, 2013
    Snow Forecast Admin from United Kingdom


  • August 05, 2013
    Harry from Greece

    Hellinikon, Athens airport has been closed since 2004.
    The main airport of Athens, Greece is E. Venizelos (LGAV)

  • July 05, 2013
    mike from Kyrgyzstan

    falls creek australia is showing a snow depth of over three meters thats an error its closer to 3cm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [note from the editor : I can see that the Ski Club of GB has reported 364 cms on the upper slopes. This must be a typographical error. Do send us a report, on the dedicated page, to correct the data.]

  • June 25, 2013
    jean claude kiely from Falkland Islands

    ed can we please keep the resort reviews free from advertising there are a few companies, american ,email adresses slipping in there.

    From the editor: I endeavour to keep the reviews free of adverts but will pay more attention to this in future.

  • March 09, 2013
    Tommy Kelly from Ireland

    February 2013

    Stayed in Zell with my Family. Not first time there.This time stayed at Iris Guest House, Haus Ashling. Ski Out - Ski Home and this is exactly what it says on the tin. Ski from house to City Express lift in the morning and bach to the house each evening.
    House very confortable, clean and very friendly Irish staff. Like home from home. Also have an honesty bay. Only do B&B and walk to centre was approx 5 minutes. Return walk a little steep but very managable. Will return.

    [note from the editor : you may like to add this post to our Resort Reviews for Zell]