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Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Italy. Fresh snow is forecast at 2resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.




Ski resorts in Italy from F to L

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雪の深さ 頂上と麓
Good piste
Fresh snow depth
Fresh snow depth
次 ;9 ;日間
0–3 | 3–6 | 6–9
雪 (cm)
Weather 次5 ;日間天気予報
凍結高度 (m)
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(1190m — 2513m)

中腹の観測所 1852 m
3100m 3700m 4050m 4150m 4150m

(1200m — 2000m)

Folgaria webcam
中腹の観測所 1600 m
3150m 3750m 4150m 4250m 4150m

(1300m — 2180m)

Folgarida-Marilleva webcam
中腹の観測所 1740 m
3150m 3750m 4100m 4150m 4150m

(1200m — 1600m)

Fondo webcam
中腹の観測所 1400 m
3050m 3600m 4050m 4100m 4150m

(1600m — 2200m)

中腹の観測所 1900 m
3350m 3850m 4150m 4150m 4150m

(1260m — 1780m)

中腹の観測所 1520 m
3150m 3850m 4050m 4100m 4150m

(920m — 2073m)

中腹の観測所 1496 m
3050m 3550m 4000m 4150m 4150m

(900m — 1800m)

中腹の観測所 1350 m
3600m 4200m 4550m 4450m 4450m

(1420m — 1800m)

中腹の観測所 1610 m
3400m 3950m 4400m 4450m 4400m

(1590m — 2050m)

中腹の観測所 1820 m
3200m 3800m 4150m 4200m 4150m

(1080m — 1730m)

中腹の観測所 1405 m
3300m 3800m 4250m 4250m 4200m

(1100m — 1770m)

中腹の観測所 1435 m
3850m 3950m 4650m 4700m 4750m

(1400m — 2000m)

中腹の観測所 1700 m
3600m 4150m 4600m 4450m 4450m

(1354m — 2512m)

Gitschberg-Jochtal webcam
中腹の観測所 1933 m
2850m 3450m 3900m 4100m 4150m

(985m — 2384m)

中腹の観測所 1684 m
3300m 3800m 4400m 4450m 4400m

(1940m — 3275m)

Gressoney-la-Trinite webcam
中腹の観測所 2608 m
3400m 4000m 4200m 4150m 4200m

(1349m — 2022m)

Gressoney-Saint-Jean webcam
中腹の観測所 1686 m
3450m 4000m 4200m 4150m 4200m

(1470m — 2650m)

Haider Alm webcam
中腹の観測所 2060 m
2850m 3550m 4100m 4050m 4100m

(1052m — 2510m)

Klausberg webcam
中腹の観測所 1781 m
2800m 3400m 3900m 4100m 4200m

(901m — 2275m)

Kronplatz webcam
opens in 121 days
中腹の観測所 1588 m
2900m 3400m 3900m 4100m 4150m

(1665m — 1825m)

中腹の観測所 1745 m
3300m 3900m 4150m 4200m 4200m

(1450m — 2642m)

La Thuile webcam
opens in 122 days
中腹の観測所 2046 m
3100m 3900m 4100m 4250m 4250m

(1433m — 2100m)

La Villa (Alta Badia) webcam
中腹の観測所 1766 m
3000m 3550m 4000m 4150m 4150m

(1100m — 1700m)

中腹の観測所 1400 m
3450m 3800m 4400m 4450m 4450m

(1250m — 2250m)

中腹の観測所 1750 m
3050m 3650m 4050m 4100m 4100m

(1500m — 1800m)

中腹の観測所 1650 m
3000m 3600m 4000m 4050m 4100m

(1250m — 2250m)

中腹の観測所 1750 m
3050m 3650m 4050m 4150m 4150m

(1100m — 1550m)

中腹の観測所 1325 m
3250m 3800m 4200m 4250m 4150m

(1769m — 2233m)

opens in 135 days
中腹の観測所 2001 m
3100m 3700m 4100m 4150m 4150m

(1500m — 2002m)

中腹の観測所 1751 m
3200m 3800m 4200m 4200m 4150m

(1000m — 2050m)

中腹の観測所 1525 m
3600m 4200m 4500m 4400m 4400m

(1816m — 2797m)

中腹の観測所 2306 m
3000m 3750m 4100m 4100m 4100m

(1418m — 1945m)

中腹の観測所 1682 m
3350m 3950m 4450m 4500m 4400m

(1250m — 2000m)

Lizzola Valbondione webcam
中腹の観測所 1625 m
3300m 3800m 4150m 4200m 4150m

(1395m — 1928m)

中腹の観測所 1662 m
3650m 3800m 4500m 4450m 4600m

(1495m — 1800m)

中腹の観測所 1648 m
3600m 4200m 4550m 4450m 4400m

(1197m — 1392m)

中腹の観測所 1294 m
3300m 3800m 4250m 4250m 4200m