Sierra at Tahoeスキー リゾート ガイド

Huckleberry Canyon, Sierra at Tahoe photo

Sierra at Tahoe

写真提供者: Rudi Kohlbacher


  • 2697m

  • 674m

  • 2023m

  • スキー場の広さ:2000
  • ゲレンデ:46
  • 人工雪製造:10%
  • ハーフパイプ:1
  • 地域公園:2
  • X-国:-
  • 初心者25%
  • 中級者50%
  • 高度25%

Terrain parks have become popular with skiers and snowboarders and Sierra at Tahoe offers four of these new fun zones. There's a 2,212 vertical drop and Sierra at Tahoe gets annual snowfalls averaging 450 inches. It also has million dollar views of Lake Tahoe, 250 lodges and motels nearby. Tahoe Valley campground is not far from the ski area of Sierra at Tahoe with transportation available daily between the state line.


  • 最寄りの空港:Reno
  • 最寄りの鉄道駅:Truckee
  • 観光案内所の電話番号::+15306597453
  • 観光案内所のウェブサイト
  • ゲレンデ沿いにある宿泊施設:いいえ
  •   4
  •   1


  • シーズン開始:24 Nov 2021
  • シーズン終了:18 Apr 2022
  • Lifts:12 (9 chair lifts, 3 surface lifts)
  •   -
  •   9
  •   3


  • 発行:26 Jul
  • 前回の降雪:
  • 雪の深さ(頂上付近):
  • 雪の深さ(麓付近):
  • ゲレンデ:-
  • ゲレンデ外:-

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Sierra at Tahoeロケーション地図

Sierra at Tahoe Location Map

Sierra at Tahoeのビジターによるレビュー

United Statesのthibaut colarが記述:

Another underated tahoe resort.
Sierra is one of the closest resort to the bay area, and it is a very nice resort, while it's not as huge as squaw for example it is still repectable. The main things here are very good snow, and the corwds aren't too bad.

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city forecastsSierra at Tahoeに最も近い都市の予測

  • Carson City, United States50km
  • Reno, United States83km
  • El Dorado Hills, United States84km
  • Sparks, United States86km
  • Folsom, United States92km

surf forecastSierra at Tahoeに最も近いサーフブレイク

  • Fort Point, United States234km
  • Deadman's, United States236km
  • Fort Cronkite Rodeo Beach, United States237km
  • Kellys Cove, United States238km
  • Ocean Beach, United States241km

mountain forecastsSierra at Tahoeに最も近い山の頂上

  • Ralston Peak, United States3km
  • Pyramid Peak (California), United States4km
  • Talking Mountain, United States5km
  • Echo Peak, United States6km
  • Mount Price (California), United States6km

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