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  • 発行:4 Aug
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Shawnee Peakロケーション地図

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Shawnee Peakのビジターによるレビュー

United StatesのEric Braciskaが記述:

Extremely disappointed in decisions to continue to cut back hours of operation (considerably over last couple years), services & snow-making operations. The product is not what it used to be & their staff is a shell of what it used to be as well. Most employees just seem to go through the motions in their daily tasks & are not capable nor passionate about their jobs. The service in their restaurant is consistently poor as have been multiple times in recent years. Also hiked the East Side on 12/30 & there are still lots of trees down over trails, still not cleared from storm a month ago & a large leak in one of its snow-making air pipes (all rusted out). During 2 days this Christmas vacation week, with dry conditions & temps below 25 degrees, they choose not to make any snow. The optics are really bad! Clearly, cut backs are the priority & the product & the customer is an afterthought. The only reason I can see to buy a season pass here is it's location (convenient to Portland). Certainly not about a quality product any longer. Was at the area yesterday 12/31 & there were zero lift lines & few skiers considering it was Vacation Week. I am very nervous that this area is in its last days as ownership continues not to value marketing (product, price, promotion etc) nor value its employees as they continue to cut back in every way possible to maximize their profit. Their lack of belief of creating lasting customer relationships & zero value in marketing the mountain continues to erode their customer base as skiers opt for better options. Skier visits appear to continue to plunge. They clearly need a marketing master & resources to rejuvenate the areas local & wider perception amongst the skiing community. The change in our climate associated with these backwards business philosophies (from the 1970s) will most likely do them in sooner than later. The customer is not stupid & continues to search out & give other areas their hard earned dollars. That is what we have done & are imploring others to do the same until they make some serious changes. Sad but true!

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  • West Scarborough, United States64km
  • Portland, United States65km
  • South Portland, United States65km
  • Rochester, United States85km

surf forecastShawnee Peakに最も近いサーフブレイク

  • Old Orchard Beach, United States69km
  • Pine Point, United States69km
  • Higgins Beach, United States70km
  • Scarborough Beach, United States70km
  • Doc Browns, United States72km

mountain forecastsShawnee Peakに最も近い山の頂上

  • Mount Tire-m, United States15km
  • Black Cap (mountain), United States20km
  • Mount Kearsarge (Carroll County, New Hampshire), United States23km
  • Blueberry Mountain (Oxford County, Maine), United States26km
  • Eastman Mountain (New Hampshire), United States26km

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