Riksgränsenスキー リゾート ガイド (Riksgransen)

Summer Telemarking at Rik, Riksgränsen photo


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Deepest reported base in Scandinavia at 4m (13.3ft) or an April fool?, Riksgränsen photo


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Open for four days to celebrate the summer solstice., Riksgränsen photo


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  • 910m

  • 410m

  • 500m

  • スキー場の広さ:104
  • ゲレンデ:34
  • 人工雪製造:-
  • ハーフパイプ:-
  • 地域公園:-
  • X-国:7.5 km
  • 初心者40%
  • 中級者55%
  • 高度5%

Riksgransen (or Riksgränsen), in Sweden, is a medium sized ski resort with 6 ski lifts (2 chair lifts, 4 surface lifts) that offers skiers a respectable 410 metres (1345 feet) of vertical descent. Riksgransen (or Riksgränsen) has 104 acres of terrain, over 34 pistes, with a total length of 24 kilometers (15 miles).
Riksgransen is best suited to intermediate skiers and snowboarders and there is off-piste terrain of interest for more advanced skiers/boarders. There are 7.5 kilometers (4.7 miles) of cross country ski trails at Riksgränsen. The closest airport is at Stockholm but at 20 hours the transfer time is very slow. The nearest train station to Riksgransen is at Riksgränsen.


  • 最寄りの空港:Kiruna
  • 最寄りの鉄道駅:Riksgränsen
  • 観光案内所の電話番号::+4698040080
  • 観光案内所のウェブサイト:https://riksgransen.se/en/
  • ゲレンデ沿いにある宿泊施設:いいえ
  •   2
  •   2


  • シーズン開始:25 Feb 2022
  • シーズン終了:22 May 2022
  • Lifts:6 (2 chair lifts, 4 surface lifts)
  •   -
  •   2
  •   4


  • 発行:19 Jan
  • 前回の降雪:19 January 2022
  • 雪の深さ(頂上付近):
  • 雪の深さ(麓付近):
  • ゲレンデ:-
  • ゲレンデ外:-

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light snow
-8 °CFレベル
nightheavy snow
-7 °CFレベル
heavy snow
-5 °CFレベル

Riksgränsen (Riksgransen) に近いリゾート。以下を含みます。:


Riksgränsen Location Map


United KingdomのA Chinneryが記述:

Just returned from a trip around northern Scandinavia that included 3 days skiing/boarding at Riksgransen. Conditions in mid-late April were fantastic, no queues, facilities (loos, cafes) are limited but adequate. None of the groomed runs are really steep but they are interesting (they are not straight runs, and have many camber changes) so do offer some challenges for intermediate skiers. The resort comes into its own for off-piste skiing, which is extensive and it's the off-piste that seems to draw most people there. There is heli-skiing and helicopter sight seeing tours. Riksgransen is not a town/village - there is really not a lot there apart from the skiing and one hotel/restaurant and a few cafes. For those looking for a typical family skiing holiday resort, Riksgransen is probably not it, but for keen skiers/boarders looking for some seriously good snow, a late season, and in a fantastic setting then it is worth a visit.


city forecastsRiksgränsenに最も近い都市の予測

  • Tromso, Norway140km
  • Bodo, Norway201km
  • Lulea, Sweden362km
  • Rovaniemi, Finland388km
  • Skelleftea, Sweden428km

surf forecastRiksgränsenに最も近いサーフブレイク

  • Kvalnes (Lofoten), Norway170km
  • Unstad (Lofoten), Norway187km
  • Seines, Norway208km
  • Monumentet, Norway251km
  • Poliisinlahti, Finland778km

mountain forecastsRiksgränsenに最も近い山の頂上

  • Katotjakka, Sweden39km
  • Frostisen, Norway44km
  • Kaskasatjakka, Sweden57km
  • Langlitinden, Norway57km
  • Kebnekaise, Sweden63km

Riksgränsen (Riksgransen)の周りにあるリゾートと山頂

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