Niseko Weissスキー リゾート ガイド

Japan snowboarder, Niseko Weiss photo

Niseko Weiss

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Ice formations, Niseko Weiss photo

Niseko Weiss

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  • 940m

  • 540m

  • 400m

  • スキー場の広さ:-
  • ゲレンデ:6
  • 人工雪製造:-
  • ハーフパイプ:-
  • 地域公園:-
  • X-国:-
  • 初心者40%
  • 中級者50%
  • 高度10%

3rd March 2012 - We have received information which states that this area is now closed.

Niseko Weiss is a small resort close to Niseko (about 10 minutes driving) that no longer operates its ski lifts. Instead, Weiss now offers skiers and riders the opportunity to access their terrain on a snowcat. At 4000Yen for a day pass, this is likely one of the most affordable cat ski operations in the world. However, the terrain at Niseko Weiss is fairly mellow and given the heavy snowfalls the region receives, it is often difficult to get away from the cat track without getting bogged down. It is an interesting option allowing guests the experience of riding in a cat and well suited to families and intermediates looking to try something different over the course of their stay in Niseko.


  • 最寄りの空港:Chitose
  • 最寄りの鉄道駅:Kuccan
  • 観光案内所の電話番号::0136-22-2515
  • 観光案内所のウェブサイト
  • ゲレンデ沿いにある宿泊施設:-
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  • シーズン開始:
  • シーズン終了:
  • Lifts:2
  •   -

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  • 発行:
  • 前回の降雪:3 May 2022
  • 雪の深さ(頂上付近):
  • 雪の深さ(麓付近):
  • ゲレンデ:
  • ゲレンデ外:

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Niseko Weiss に近いリゾート。以下を含みます。:

Niseko Weissロケーション地図

Niseko Weiss Location Map

Niseko Weissのビジターによるレビュー


Not true. Cat ski continue at Weiss.
Look at:
hanazononiseko dot com And look at Weiss cat skiing.

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city forecastsNiseko Weissに最も近い都市の予測

  • Otaru, Japan41km
  • Date, Japan51km
  • Sapporo, Japan59km
  • Ishikari, Japan67km
  • Muroran, Japan67km

surf forecastNiseko Weissに最も近いサーフブレイク

  • Livadia, Russia653km
  • Gornostay, Russia704km
  • Patrokl, Russia708km
  • Choshi, Japan800km
  • Katagai, Japan820km

mountain forecastsNiseko Weissに最も近い山の頂上

  • Iwaonupuri, Japan4km
  • Yotei, Japan14km
  • Mount Mekunnai, Japan16km
  • Mount Raiden, Japan16km
  • Shiribetsu, Japan25km

Niseko Weissの周りにあるリゾートと山頂

@{} neighbourhood basemapNiseko Weiss neighbourhood contoursRoads and rivers close to Niseko Weiss