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Henk BartenによるLeviの写真


Henk BartenによるLeviの写真

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Leviの写真:Henk BartenのDancing Balloons

Dancing Balloons, Levi
ユーザー: Henk Barten (27 photo)
撮影した写真 7:48 pm 17 Feb 2010

Dancing Balloons

Finland | Levi

平均評価 4.2

Arctic balloon festival. Dancing balloons at frontpiste


t johnson I love your photos! I am in California, USA and these make me want to visit your country! What is the elevation where most of these are taken (ie Levi, etc.)? I have been to Europe, but never Finland. I need to put this on my list of places to see. Just gorgeous! I do digital photo art and wondered if I can use a couple of pictures? I will send you the final piece when it is finished to see what you think if it is ok with you - thanks! Terri