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Barbara Gasienica - JozkowyによるZakopaneの写真


Barbara Gasienica - JozkowyによるZakopaneの写真

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Zakopaneの写真:Barbara Gasienica - JozkowyのRomantic walk on the Kasprowy Wierch

Romantic walk on the Kasprowy Wierch, Zakopane
ユーザー: Barbara Gasienica - Jozkowy (4 photo)
撮影した写真 2:55 pm 7 Feb 2012

Romantic walk on the Kasprowy Wierch

Poland | Zakopane

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Ski piste between Gasienicowa and Goryczkowa on the top of Kasprowy Wierch is a border bewteen Poland (on the right side) and Slovakia (on the left, behind the net).