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GabrielaによるVal Gardenaの写真


GabrielaによるVal Gardenaの写真

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Val Gardenaの写真:GabrielaのMoonlight over Selva!

Moonlight over Selva!, Val Gardena
ユーザー: Gabriela (20 photo)
撮影した写真 7:00 pm 9 Mar 2009

Moonlight over Selva!

Italy | Val Gardena

平均評価 5.0

Amazing view from the balcony on late afternoon!


Gabriela Thanks Rudolph! You are right!!! But the moon is so appealing!
Rudolph Lovely photograph. However, the title is misleading! It's certainly not "Moonlight over Selva", but "Sunlight over Selva". Just have a look at the shadows . . . they are falling towards the east, in the opposite direction if the area was lit by the moon (visible in the east).