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Alex Fitzgerald-BarronによるSamoensの写真


Alex Fitzgerald-BarronによるSamoensの写真

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Samoensの写真:Alex Fitzgerald-Barronのcol de joux plane, closed and tranquil

col de joux plane, closed and tranquil, Samoens
ユーザー: Alex Fitzgerald-Barron (1 photo)
撮影した写真 8:13 am 16 Mar 2013

col de joux plane, closed and tranquil

France | Samoens

平均評価 4.0

early morning returning from a night in an igloo, the col de joux plane is stunning, peaceful, desolate and solitary. This is usually pisted cross country ski domaine but financial pressures force closure - heaven


Chris Hodgson The col de joux plane is only used for x/c skiing when you cannot ski in the valley bottom. The 2012-13 season had such exceptional conditions that this was always possible so the Joux Plane never opened. It had nothing to do with financial pressures and everything to do with fantastic conditions in the valley!