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スキーRep. of Macedonia

LukaによるKopanki - Pelisterの写真

スキーRep. of Macedonia

LukaによるKopanki - Pelisterの写真

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Kopanki - Pelisterの写真:LukaのPelister powder

Pelister powder, Kopanki - Pelister
ユーザー: Luka (3 photo)
撮影した写真 2:44 pm 6 Feb 2011

Pelister powder

Rep. of Macedonia | Kopanki - Pelister

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Powder skiing Pelister on 1510m.


Vesna Nedelkovska How emotional it is for me to see my Country and the beautiful mountains and snow. I was brought to Australia by my parents in 1971 and have not gone back home to see the changes. I feel misblaced and not belonging anywhere. This is not to say I am not grateful to live in this beautiful country. It is just that my heart longs for my place of birth. Being young I married a man from another nationality, that of-course does not share my love for my country it is hard to make him understand. I am very grateful to every Macedonian that has put photos of different towns they have visited through the years from our country on the Internet, keep up the good work. I am proud to be Macedonian!!!!!!