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snowfore1によるPadum (Zanskar Ski Scool)の写真


snowfore1によるPadum (Zanskar Ski Scool)の写真

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Padum (Zanskar Ski Scool)の写真:snowfore1のZanskar, India

Zanskar, India, Padum (Zanskar Ski Scool)
ユーザー: snowfore1 (106 photo)

Zanskar, India

India | Padum (Zanskar Ski Scool)

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A skier approaches the Haganu Valley in the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Zanskar, isolated for up to six months a year by snow. Zanskar ski school provides essential communication, transport, rescue and jobs for locals. Photographer: Ben Stephenson