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スキーUSA - Oregon

Paul BertyによるMt Hood Meadowsの写真

スキーUSA - Oregon

Paul BertyによるMt Hood Meadowsの写真

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Mt Hood Meadowsの写真:Paul BertyのSidecountry

Sidecountry, Mt Hood Meadows
ユーザー: Paul Berty (4 photo)
撮影した写真 1:13 pm 28 Nov 2010


USA - Oregon | Mt Hood Meadows

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Hood Local Wait a sec... sidecountry at Meadows is not permitted. There are hiking options above cascade but anything outside of their boundaries is not just frowned upon but strictly enforced if you get caught. You get your pass pulled and can get a pretty hefty fine.
heels Note that uphill travel at Meadows is forbidden. Jerks.