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スキーCanada - BC

Martin MazzeiによるMount Washingtonの写真

スキーCanada - BC

Martin MazzeiによるMount Washingtonの写真

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Mount Washingtonの写真:Martin MazzeiのCondor Flying

Condor Flying, Mount Washington
ユーザー: Martin Mazzei (15 photo)

Condor Flying

Canada - BC | Mount Washington

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sly mmm.... I know this mountain pretty well, and those don't look like Mount Wash, lines in the back. Not at all.
Mark Clearly not Mount Washington BC. Condor Range is in of all places California! Check out National Geographic site http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birds/california-condor/
wang kerr hmm looks like a turkey vulture as we dont have condors here ..but nice try guy
John M I didnt know condors lived as far north as Canada! Great photo of it flying over the snow.