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vinod によるManali (Himachal Heli-Ski)の写真


vinod によるManali (Himachal Heli-Ski)の写真

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Manali (Himachal Heli-Ski)の写真:vinod のsethan village

sethan village, Manali (Himachal Heli-Ski)
ユーザー: vinod (1 photo)
撮影した写真 9:14 am 25 Feb 2013

sethan village

India | Manali (Himachal Heli-Ski)

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sethan village is located 15 km from Manali.


vinod Alitiude of Sethen Village is 2770mts. Lucation.Famous route of Hamtta Pass.typical Himalayan Village Features of This Village.:- All people are belong to Buddhist community who share their roots being horse herders in in their past .the village was isolated since 2006 when a link road open to approach the village . Sethan has been ideal place trekking .helisking and snowboarding and Homwstay hospitiality .It has all year around activity to n explore new adventures from summer hiking to winter Sking and snowboarding..Its uniq cause its still primitive ... The population of this vilage approx.30 the main crops are here patoto,green peas, apple , organic vegetables