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Rick PrendergastによるKnockmealdown (Knockmealdown Mts)の写真


Rick PrendergastによるKnockmealdown (Knockmealdown Mts)の写真

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Knockmealdown (Knockmealdown Mts)の写真:Rick PrendergastのKnockmealdown as captured by Rick Prendergast.

Knockmealdown as captured by Rick Prendergast., Knockmealdown (Knockmealdown Mts)
ユーザー: Rick Prendergast (3 photo)
撮影した写真 12:00 am 28 Feb 2016

Knockmealdown as captured by Rick Prendergast.

Ireland | Knockmealdown (Knockmealdown Mts)

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On Friday 26th February a slow moving weather front crossed westward across Southern Ireland and delivered some excellent snow conditions on the Comeragh and Knockmealdown mountain ranges ensuring a bumper weekend for Irish winter sport fans.