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Tokes LaszloによるHarghita Mădăraşの写真


Tokes LaszloによるHarghita Mădăraşの写真

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Harghita Mădăraşの写真:Tokes LaszloのNagy-Mihaly close-up

Nagy-Mihaly close-up, Harghita Mădăraş
ユーザー: Tokes Laszlo (8 photo)
撮影した写真 6:14 pm 28 Mar 2009

Nagy-Mihaly close-up

Romania | Harghita Mădăraş

平均評価 3.0

Zoomed view of the advanced Nagy-Mihaly piste, with plenty of fresh tracks showing the off-piste region on its right. The off-piste slope has a 45 degrees of inclination and even 60 in the woody bottom.