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スキーJapan - Nagano

Eloise_One ChaletsによるHappo Oneの写真

スキーJapan - Nagano

Eloise_One ChaletsによるHappo Oneの写真

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Happo Oneの写真:Eloise_One ChaletsのApril Powder in Hakuba

April Powder in Hakuba, Happo One
ユーザー: Eloise_One Chalets (1 photo)
撮影した写真 9:00 am 8 Apr 2012

April Powder in Hakuba

Japan - Nagano | Happo One

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This is a direct shot of the gondola and Olympic slopes of the stunning Hakuba Valley. We're lucky enough to live in a house looking directly down on to Happo village and the principal resort gondola. Here you can see the blue sky powder day of Sunday 8th April. We've had unprecedented snowfall for April, a strong end to a good season.