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スキーCanada - BC

OdysseusによるBig Whiteの写真

スキーCanada - BC

OdysseusによるBig Whiteの写真

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Big Whiteの写真:OdysseusのSnow-Ghost Buddies

Snow-Ghost Buddies, Big White
ユーザー: Odysseus (5 photo)

Snow-Ghost Buddies

Canada - BC | Big White

平均評価 4.7

These buddies are sticking close together are Big White Ski Resort, Canada


stephen whan I am from Ontario. This will be my 4th time at your resort. Seeing this picture, makes me remember the first time I seen them. I was in "awe". It is a very cool picture. Cannot wait to see them for real. Your guy did a good job in taking the pics. Nothing like seeing them up in person. see guys soon. "like this week" from Otarrible Stephen....