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snowfore1によるBelalp - Blatten - Natersの写真


snowfore1によるBelalp - Blatten - Natersの写真

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Belalp - Blatten - Natersの写真:snowfore1のBelalp, Switzerland

Belalp, Switzerland, Belalp - Blatten - Naters
ユーザー: snowfore1 (106 photo)

Belalp, Switzerland

Switzerland | Belalp - Blatten - Naters

平均評価 5.0

Photographer Mark Menzies says: "This magical scene was taken while I stood chatting and drinking whisky with my good friend &amp; colleague Daan. As we chatted about life, one of the workers from the lodge sledged past us with a headlamp to light his way. He lived further down the mountain and this was his transport home... such a different way of life here!"<br><br> <strong> Image from our 2007 Snow-Forecast.com Calendar. Check out our latest Calendar and get bonus membership <a href="/products">here</a> </strong>